Welcome to San Diego, California!

Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing (Oakland, CA) and San Diego State University (San Diego, CA), co-sponsors for the 35th Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing, hope your visit to San Diego is both educational and enjoyable.

San Diego has a rich history that you are welcome to explore during your visit. You can read more about San Diego’s history at http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/San-Diego-Magazine/San-Diego-Covered/San-Diego-History/. In this article, you will read about Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. A replica of his ship can be seen at the San Diego Maritime Museum. The Franciscan priest Fray Junípero Serra is also featured, who established a mission in San Diego as well as a chain of 21 other missions before his death in 1784. You can visit Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala, with information at http://www.missionsandiego.org/. Other key people in San Diego’s history include Alonzo Horton, a wealthy trader and landowner, who moved to San Diego in 1867 to build a city; John D. Spreckels, the sugar baron, who owned the streetcar system, two of the town's three newspapers (The San Diego Union and the Evening Tribune), most of Coronado and North Island and the landmark Hotel del Coronado; and pioneer aviators, such as Glenn Curtiss and Charles Lindbergh.

San Diego was also known for tuna. You can read more about this rich history at https://www.sandiegohistory.org/journal/v58-1/v58-1felando.pdf. Albacore tuna became a popular canned fish around 1910, and the Pacific Tuna Canning Company became San Diego’s first cannery. Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese workers fished for tuna, while their wives and children worked in the canneries. Between 1910 and 1914 the number of canneries grew significantly, due to the popularity of “chicken-white” albacore tuna. Van Camp Sea Food Company (Chicken of the Sea), Star-Kist Foods, and Westgate Packing Company (Carnation) were popular brands. Visit the San Diego Maritime Museum for exhibits on the tuna industry in San Diego (https://sdmaritime.org/). 

San Diego is proud of its military history (https://www.sandiego.org/articles/military/military-museums-memorials-and-more.aspx) and Balboa Park, created for San Diego’s 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition (https://www.balboapark.org/about/history). The Midway Museum and the multiple museums of Balboa Park are fun to explore.

The Local Arrangements Committee hopes that you find time to enjoy San Diego’s many interesting sites and enjoy the restaurants throughout the city and county.