Welcome to Dallas, TX!

Texas Woman's University, sponsor for the 36th Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing, hopes your visit to Dallas is both educational and enjoyable.

Bright lights, big personalities, shiny cars... In many ways, Dallas is the belle of the Texas ball. From JR Ewing and the TV show Dallas to the Dallas Cowboys and their cheerleaders, this city has made a deep imprint on American popular culture. An upscale ethos makes for an amazing dining scene (you can tell which place is hot by the caliber of cars the valet parks out front). The museums are not only excellent, but unique – history buffs should not miss the memorials to former president John F Kennedy. And one of the most impressive additions to Dallas’ cultural landscape in recent years is the 68-acre Arts District, now one of the largest in the country. 


JFK The president’s legacy is a palpable part of the visitor experience here. The sites associated with his death are among Dallas’ most visited attractions. Make a pilgrimage to the thought-provoking Sixth Floor Museum, the nearby monuments and Dealey Plaza.

TEXAS BARBECUE No bones about it: Texas barbecue is an obsession. Line up with the hordes for large helpings of slow-cooked beef brisket, pork ribs and spicy sausage doused in spicy-sweet barbecue sauce at some of the city’s best, including Sammy’s BBQ and Pecan Lodge.

ART MUSEUMS Dallas’ art scene packs a world-class punch, from the Dallas Museum of Art’s international exhibits to the Meadows Museum’s Spanish masterpieces. The Arts District and its top-notch museums could occupy you for days.

The Local Arrangements Committee hopes you find time to enjoy the many interesting sites and restaurants throughout Dallas. For more information about visiting Dallas, click here.