AAHN Conference Program
September 19-21, 2019
Dallas, Texas

Program Schedule 


Thursday, 9/19/19

8:00 – 5:00



Optional Self-Tours

Nasher Sculpture Garden or Neiman Marcus & Zodiac Room

1:00 - 5:00

Board meeting



“The Road Less Traveled”: Strategies for Uncovering Nursing History - Sarah Craig, Rebecca Coffin, Victoria Tucker, Charemon Brooks

5:15- 6:15

NHR editorial meeting


Dinner on your own


Friday, 9/20/19







Arlene Keeling, President, AAHN,
Shelley Hawkins, Dean, TWU School of Nursing-Dallas Campus



Reinterpreting Nursing History-Barbara Mann Wall, Director, Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, University of Virginia


Awards and Research Grant




Concurrent Session 1


(3 papers)

Session 1A    

Issues in Public Health Nursing


1.      "Different Stories, Similar Results: Urban and Rural Nursing in the Inter-War Period"

 Rima Apple


2.      "Rest on Placement, Take up Preparation": The Educational Mission of the Circle of Negro Relief, Circa 1920s Sandra Lewenson


3.       Public Health Nursing in Brazil: Uniforms and Professional Identity (1931-1949) Maria Angélica de Almeida, Pacita Geovana, Angela Peters

Session 1B 

Nursing, Law and Politics



1.  Prosecuting Customary Practice: Nursing and Case Law in the Twentieth Century Sheri Tesseyman


2.  Murderers in White: A Historical Review of Nurse Serial Killers

Dian Williams


3.“We need you! Go see what you can do”: Parkland Nurses & the JFK Assassination

Adrian Melissinos &

Melissa Sherrod




LUNCH on your own - Options available in the hotel


Doctoral Student Lunch with Mary Gibson and Brigid Lusk.

**Please order lunch in the morning at the AAHN desk.


Workshop: Diversity, inclusion and social justice in teaching and research. 
This workshop will be led by the Chair of AAHN’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force: Kylie Smith, and will feature panelists Julie Fairman; Karen Flynn; Winifred Connerton; and Dominique Tobbell.




Concurrent Session 2


(4 papers)

Session 2A   



1. Texas Cadet Nurse Marjorie Hafner and Update on Legislation for Honorary Veteran Status

Barbara Poremba with guest Marjorie Hafner



2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters- Mending Fences Through Collaboration

 Donna Miles Curry



3.An Early 20th Century Correspondence Course in Nursing: Questionable or Quality Education

April Matthias


4.The Founding of Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing related to Influence of Gesine Franke on Nursing Education

Ho Soon Michelle Cho and Catherine Bailey



Session 2B    

Assuming Roles


1.      Blurring Boundaries Between Medicine and Nursing: The Emergency Nurse Practitioner Role

       Audrey Snyder


2.      Midwives Divided: The Relationship between Lay Midwives and Nurse Midwives in the U.S. from 1900 through the 1950s

       Kerry Ross


3.      The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of Peoria, Illinois: Mission to Ecuador, 1968-1984

       Shannon E. Perry


4.      Where Role Play Meets Reality:  The History of Simulation and Debriefing in Nurse Training

      Sarah Craig & Bethany Cieslowski

Session 2C

Culture and Nursing

1."Remember our Sons and Daughters": Igbo Women's Petitionary Letters (1965)

Martha E. Farrar Highfield


2,"Knowledge of Every Home:" Native American Field Nurses in the 1920s and 30s

Laurel Sanders


3.The Developing of Transcultural Nursing Care and Cultural Competence in Taiwan: A Look Back on the Past Thirty Years

Chin-Nu Lin


4.Nursing & Slavery: The Politics of Medical Care in the Danish West Indies

Meredith Reifschneider



Dean’s Reception hosted by TWU School of Nursing at The 6th Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza

(JFK Museum)


Hors d’oeuvres served. Cash Bar. Self-paced tour.


Buses leave [email protected]:15 p.m. (15 min loop) and return. Last bus leaves at 9:00 p.m.


Saturday 9/21/19




Poster set up


Silent Auction and Posters on display


Concurrent Session 3


(4 papers)


Session 3A

Knowledge, & Nurse exchange


1.Mayo Clinic/Japanese International Nursing Exchange Program (1)  

Anne Miers

2.American Dreaming: A History of Filipino Nurses in Seattle, 1900-1950

Ren Capucao


3.Recruitment of British Hospital Matrons to Philadelphia, 1880 to 1910: A Clash of Cultures

Karen J. Egenes


4.The Influence of North American Nurses on the Haiti National School of Nursing

Becky Baird, & Ellen Palmer



Session 3B

Thematic session


A Collector, an Archivist and a Dean Collaborate to share Nursing History Broadly (1.5 hrs)

Stephanie Woods & Anthony Paterniti


Session 3C

Military Nursing

1. Nursing in their Backyard:  The Humanitarian Role of Australian Army Nurses in the Vietnam War

Narelle Biedermann


2. Working Conditions Nurses Faced in France during World War One 

Carole L. Limata


3.Service and Training: The Army School of Nursing

Gwyneth R. Milbrath



4.Jane A. Delano- Leading Nursing into the 20th Century

Kristin Kuhlmann



Break, View Posters and Silent Auction


General Session

Christine Hallett and film Helen Fairchild
Funded by the National Cemetery Administration


Membership Meeting and Lunch (provided)
Next Conference


Concurrent Session 4


(3 papers)


Session 4A

Conceptual understandings


1.The Shifting Meaning of the Crippled Child: The 1930s and the Social Security Act

Mary E. Gibson


2.Instrumental Bodies:  André Levret's Pelvic Curve and Obstetrical Forceps

 Scottie Buehler


3.On the Clarity of Words: The Portrayal of “Remedy”, “Cure”, “Therapeutics, and “Diagnosis” in Mid-19th Century Medical and Nursing Writing

Tawna Pounders


Session 4B 

Mental Health


1. The Abolition of Restraint and the Hiring of Nurses: The Roles of Asylums, Race, and the Civil War in the Professionalization of Nursing during the long Nineteenth-Century

 Alexandra Rains


2.The Role of Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Formulating the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963

Rachel Allen


3.De-Hospitalization and    Mental Health Care at Primary Health Care in Brazil (1997-2001)

Gisele Fernandes Tarma

Mariângela Aparecida   Gonçalves Figueiredo

Angela Aparecida Peters

Maria Angélica de Almeida Peres



Break and View posters


Check out for auction


Concurrent Session 6


(3 papers)


Session 6A

Early Versions of Nursing


1.Evolution of Caregiving to Professional Nursing in the Dayton Region 1796-1973

Donna Miles Curry &Alexander Gilles


2.'Three Fingers are Applied to the Artery': Pulse Assessment in Late-Eighteenth Century Europe
Tanya Langtree


3.Washerwomen in Late-18th Century British Naval Hospitals: Job Categorization and Overlap with the Nursing Workforce

Erin Spinney

Session 6B

Art, Literature & Letters


1.      Cheerful Invalids: Nursing and disability in Little Women and What Katy Did

       John T. Barbieri


2.      Picturing the Nurses: Images of Caring by WW1 Artists

      Ruth Manchester


3.       “These were the women who went to the war:” Dorothea Dix and Her Army Nurses following the U.S. Civil War

      Beth Hundt


6:30 - 7:30 reception


7:30 - 9:30





Introduction: Melissa Sherrod

Dinner Speaker 8pm: Tony Paterniti – Florence Nightingale: A New Look



Conference Close