2018 Conference Program

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Conference Registration - Point Loma/ Catalina Foyer


Pre-Conference  - Digital Scholarship Tools for the History of Nursing & Health - Point Loma A


Lunch on your own


Explore San Diego/Board Meeting - Coronodo B Board Room


Dinner on your own


Friday, September 14, 2018
7:30-5:00 Conference Registration - Catalina Foyer
7:30-8:30 Light Continental Breakfast - Catalina Ballroom
8:30-8:45 Welcome remarks, President Mary Gibson and Deans of Host Schools - Catalina Ballroom
8:45-9:00 Research Awards and Grant Presentations - Catalina Ballroom
9:00-10:00 Keynote Address, Julie Fairman, Service is the Rent we Pay: The complex history of nursing and social justice - Catalina Ballroom
10:00-10:15 Break
Session 1A  - Point Loma A
Nursing Profiles 
1. From being a war zone nurse in Vietnam to being president Eisenhower’s private nurse: The lived experience of Sally Enderle- Kelley H. Pattison 

2. You might end up in the poorhouse: Ethel McClure’s chronicles of caring for the elderly and indigent- Ruth Manchester 

3. Betty Mitsunaga, RN, PhD, FAAN-An oral history of a resident of a Japanese Intern Camp-Shannon Perry 
Session 1B - Point Loma B
Civil Rights/Social Justice 
1. Two visions, same hope: Reimagining Medical Civil Rights and Social Justice in Post-WWII Philadelphia- Hafeeza Anchrum 

2. Fight and if you can’t kick: A history of intimate partner violence through the eyes of black women- Charemon E. Brooks 
Session 1C - Coronado A
Thematic #1
The Diamond Jubilee of the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps: A Legacy of Service- Irene Ferguson, Elsie M. Szecsy 


Lunch on own


Doctoral Student Luncheon - Coronado B


Session 2A - Point Loma A
Missionary Nurses 
1. Sisters of Mercy: The walking Nun’s Siouxland Journey & Experiences in nursing-Diane Smith 

2. American Missionary Nurses negotiate a place in the mission: The politics of application, assignment and resignation-Lydia Wytenbroek 

3. Sadie and Isaac Stringer, Herschel Island and Northern missionary healthcare in the late-19th Century-Erin Spinney, Glenn Iceton

Session 2B - Point Loma B
Disaster Nursing/Nursing Topics
1.  Rebel with a cause: Gertrude Torres-nursing educator, leader and radical feminist 1975-1980- Donna Miles Curry

2. Remembering nurses who cared for victims of the 1942 fire at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in Boston-Barbara Poremba

3. “There wasn’t a mine runnin’a lump of coal”: Influenza in Eastern Kentucky Mining Camps, 1918-Mary Ann Thompson and Sara Bolten

Session 2C - Coronado A
World War I 
1. Portrayal of Nurses in the Music of WWI- Kelley H. Pattison

2. It turned us yellow all over. Health care provision for munition workers during the first World War-Claire Chatterton 

3. Army Nursing- Changing the face of the military abroad in the early twentieth century - Winifred Connerton  

2:30-2:45  Break  
2:45-3:45  Session 3A - Point Loma A
Civil Rights/Social Justice
1. Our only concern has been for the patient: Psychiatric nursing and Civil Rights in Alabama 1966- 1973-Kylie M. Smith
2. The meaning of place: A historical analysis on the Experiences of Black nurses in Virginia, 1950s-1980s- Victoria Tucker
Session 3B - Point Loma B
1. Challenging the scope of practice: A history of the Emergency Department Nurses Association, 1970- 1998- Audrey Snyder 

2. New heights of inventiveness: Nurses innovate procedure trays 1920-1960- Amanda Mahoney  
Session 3C - Coronado A
1. Open heart surgery: collaborative nursing education 1958-1980 in Houston, Texas- Adrian Melissinos 

2. Challenging the Status Quo: Nursing Education Reform in the late 20th Century- Dominique Tobbell  
Session 4A - Point Loma A
Selected Topics 
1. New scholarship energizes an old profession: Nursing history and the Midwest Nursing History Research Center, 1970-2000-Brigid Lusk, Laurie Glass, Gwyneth Milbrath

2. The nursing history of the Japanese Red Cross Society for Disabled Veterans from 1937-1945- Mai Yamashita 

Session 4B - Point Loma B
Nursing Topics 
1. School nurses and the policy of inclusion: The treatment of “Immigrant Diseases” in New York City Schools during the Progressive Era-Heather Furnas 

2. Remembering the appeal for nurses in The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 on the 100th Anniversary-Barbara Poremba

Session 4C - Coronado A
Historical Preservations
1. The Florence Nightingale Digitization Project: How technology brought new life to the founder of modern nursing- Nicole Williams

2. Historical Inquiry with Artifacts; Bourdaloues - Patricia Hanes  
6:00-7:30  Reception - Catalina Terrace


Saturday, September 15, 2018
7:30 Registration - Catalina Foyer
8:30-3:15 Silent Auction/Posters Displayed - Catalina Ballroom
8:00-9:15 Business Meeting and Breakfast - Catalina Ballroom
9:15-10:00 Capturing Navy Nurse Corps Oral Histories - Candace Curlee - Catalina Ballroom
10:00-10:30 Break, Posters, and Silent Auction - Catalina Ballroom
Session 5A - Point Loma A
Community Health 
1. The Conference: Negotiating the relationship between the Circle of Negro Relief and American Red Cross Public Health Service, February 18, 1920-Sandra Lewenson

2. SAD, Flu, and Nursing: Artic Medicine at the Top of the world in the 1950’s- David Arnold

3. A call to duty: American Red Cross Nurses serving in France and at home 1918- 1919-Kristin Kuhlmann 
Session 5B - Point Loma B
International Nursing 
1. Instrucciones de Enfermeros (Instructions for Nurses- A precursor to Modern Nursing-Tanya Langtree 

2. Domesticity in public health nursing knowledge and practice in Taiwan during 1945-1975- Zxyyann Jane Lu 

Session 5C - Coronado A
1. Sorting patients: The evolution of triage in emergency rooms, 1961-1998- Gwyneth Milbrath

2. Nurse Practitioners at the University of Virginia: A case study of change in the 1970s- 1980s- Jonathan Yoder 

3. Free the Hospice Six: A case of moral agency and action in nursing. 1989-1996- Joy Buck
12:15-1:30 Lunch Thematic #4 Memories and Milestones: The History of AAHN Sandra Lewenson, Laurie Glass, Patricia D’Antonio, Lydia Wytenbroek - Catalina Ballroom         No CEUs offered. 
1:30-3:00 Session 6A - Point Loma A
World War II 
1. Remembering the U.S. Cadet Nurses on the 75th anniversary- Barbara Poremba 

2. The role of U.S. nurses in the professionalization of Japanese Nurses, 1945-1952- Barbara Brodie 

3. Early stages of Public Health Nursing in Japan: Expansion of Health Centers Before and During World War II-Yuko Kawakami 
Session 6B - Point Loma B
Nursing Topics
1. Hygiene and morality from the Progressive era to the 21st Century- Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescent Girls in the United States- Simone Jaeckl

2. Developing and researching a historic display with the Western Conservancy of Nursing History-Patricia Hanes
Session 6C - Coronado A
Thematic #3
Engaging students with nursing history through Intentional course design and delivery-April Matthias, Arlene Keeling, Barbra Mann Wall & Brigid Lusk 
3:15-4:45 Session 7A - Point Loma A
Thematic #2 
Historiography of Indigenous Australian and American Nurses-Odette Best, Barbara Dahlen 
Session 7B - Point Loma B
Vulnerable Populations 
1. Midwife Problems: the Elimination of Midwives in Georgia, 1924-1973- Eileen Thrower 

2. Those were not schoolrooms we inspected: they were contagious wards with all the different diseases so mingled it was a wonder that each child not have them all. Many of them did...all at once.- Bridget Houlahan
Session 7C - Coronado A
1. Preliminary education for nurses: Uniting theoretical and practical nursing education-Jeannine Uribe

2. “We are training nurses to think”:The committee of seven and pioneers of the Western Institute of Nursing: Influence of education, practice, policy and the discipline-Elaine Marshall and Barbara Gaines
4:45-5:00  Checkout for silent auction and posters end at 5:00
6:00-7:00 Cocktail Reception  - Catalina Terrace
7:00-9:30 Banquet/Live Auction - Conference Center