Transportation to Chester

Thank you to Claire Chatterton for providing this information for us.

We recommend you fly into Manchester or London Heathrow and take the train to Manchester. 

If you fly into Manchester:

There is a train service from the Manchester airport to Chester station – it is slow (lots of stops) but is reasonable.

From Chester station to the Crowne Plaza hotel would take 10 mins in a taxi and would probably be around £6-£7. There is a taxi rank outside the station.
There is also a bus which  costs a £1 which goes from the station to the city centre and back but it would then be a 10 minute from where the bus stops to  walk to the hotel.
To walk from Chester station to the Crowne Plaza would take around 20 minutes.

This is a good website to look up trains in the UK (and buy tickets)

A taxi would take about 45 minutes if the motorway was clear – I would allow an hour. It is cheaper to pre-book one.

This is an excellent source of information

They are optimistic in saying it takes 35 minutes to drive to Chester !! that would be to the outskirts maybe, not into the city centre! But otherwise it gives all the options and further links to find out more.